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7629 Shafter Avenue
Yucca Valley, CA 92284

OFFICE: 760.369.9713  FAX: 760.369.9564
CELL: 818.279.1914

Please give me a jingle to discuss your property investment needs. I make deals through building relationships!


Company Services

This is a fancy word for a group of like minded individuals who want to invest in a particular property together. What I offer, is several syndications of real estate limited partnerships, specifically tied to a particular piece of property.
This property will be bought together, held for a specific amount of time with other investors like you, which are set up by legal professionals and administered by Sabrina Investment Group.
The benefits from this syndicate allows you, as the investor, not to tie up all your capital in one large piece of property, but participate in a larger scale project.
We will only buy/sell if there is an opportunity to profit. Any cash distributions and expenses are to be shared to the each investor’s percentage in the syndicate. You might think of this as mutual fund but not as many investors required.
Please contact me for further information and current syndicates available!
Property investments can range from $50,000 to over $5,000,000 with investor participation starting at $10,000 and proceeding upward.
Representing the first time investor to the blue-chip connoisseur Sabrina Investment Group is the one to turn to for your investment requirements!


A Sabrina Custom Sign
Most brokers do not use custom signage, but I do. My custom 4' x 8' are designed to SELL or LEASE your property and no one else's. The signs cost an average of $600.00 each. I am proud to represent your land and want the public to know they are dealing with the best land broker!
Sabrina Investment I-10 Billboard
I have two Lamar billboards, one at Indian Avenue off the 1-10 going westbound, this catches the investors./developers heading out from the lower Coachella Valley and Arizona. This costs around $25,000 per year and is priceless! The other one is located on the highway in Yucca Valley between Balsa and Avalon. I try to catch all possible buyers/sellers.

Sabrina Investment Yucca Valley Billboard
- Professional brochure on property details
- Exposure on commercial real estate marketing websites to principals and brokers direct.
- Direct contact to targeted buyers/lessees.
- Professional mailers to potential buyers/lessees.
- Detailed signage on property.
- Specified Newspaper Advertising
- Constant communication and written updates to inform client of progress.


I try to attend all the Yucca Valley Town Council, Planning Department and Hi-Desert Water District board meetings, averaging 6 meetings per month. If there is a project in another city such as 29 Palms, I will attend those for or with you. (In the future, I will try to attend Yucca Valley & 29 Palms meetings. Some of them conflict in schedule, so I must choose which agenda is of most importance.) I will represent you in all matters and "round up" other like-minded individuals to support your project by speaking at the public podium on record.

These individuals are other business owners/developers/investors who want to support, help and keep property values alive in our town while development benefits the consumers and the town with additional developmental fees and sales tax revenue, thus the citizen receives better services.

To bring in the best buyers/investors/developers for your property, I spend a large amount of time socializing in the lower desert, at such presitigious golf clubs not open to the general public such as The Quarry, Vintage and PGA West and member only family social clubs such as The Jonathon Club, The California Club, and others...I spend my hard earned money entertaining clients at the best restaurants along with bringing my engineer along for most outings. As your broker what social memberships do they belong to, this usually reflects what type of clientele they attract...money attracts money...like attracts like... same as class attracts class...I spend money to attract money and make money when you make money.