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7629 Shafter Avenue
Yucca Valley, CA 92284

OFFICE: 760.369.9713  FAX: 760.369.9564
CELL: 818.279.1914

Please give me a jingle to discuss your property investment needs. I make deals through building relationships!


Sabrina and Shannon
For corporate clients, our family helicopter, a 5 seater Jet Bell Ranger is available, for aerial tours of the Hi-Desert and Coachella Valley areas for future development projects.

This is a very special "perk" and is offered to my clients who are very serious about larger scale projects.

For my expertise in any area where you need land information, development questions and/or general information about the Hi-Desert itself, I charge a $200.00 per hour upfront fee (includes: property profile on flood, seismic and any other issues to the negative or positive regarding the parcel).
I have spent the last several years gaining knowledge on every piece of dirt and have "paid my dues" to benefit you, the investor/development/future client.

My knowledge and expertise is by far, the best investment you will make. I live here, I know the land, the people, the spending habits, future developments, the City and most importantly, what choice of investments you should decide to pursue.

Appointments are made in advance. Contact (760) 369-9713 for availability.

Pastor Jerel Hagerman

<<< Pastor Jerel Hagerman in the Dimitrius-Peukert family helicopter ready to go up and check on his land for future development! - June 9, 2007

For serious Developers/Investors, I offer a 2 hour tour of the whole Hi-Desert area showing where future development, current developments and planned projects are to be built. My extensive knowledge, resources, community involvement and being a resident of Yucca Valley offers the prospective buyer/seller an insight for their investment portfolio.
Meetings can be set up with Engineers* from the Hi or Low Desert, Yucca Valley Town Planning Department and with Alex Meyerhoff, Community Resource Director for The City of 29 Palms Planning Department.
In addition, you will receive a full informational folder containing city project maps, site logistics, property descriptions, newspaper articles and other items pertaining to your future endeavors.

Also, I have made arrangements with the Public Liaison Officer at the 29 Palms Marine Base, permission to conduct private tours which lasts 2 hours and informs you, the developer/investor, of opportunities not normally shown to the general public... please contact me if you are interested... there is hidden gold in 29 Palms.

As an area Broker, I have become familiar with the dangers of purchasing land in a flood zone or near seismic fault lines.
I provide "FREE OF CHARGE" to clients, a flood drainage check and a seismic fault check, when you invest through me. Do not purchase land without considering these issues!

WASTEWATER TREATMENT: I can arrange meetings with a choice of civil engineering firms*, to discuss the current system requirements for wastewater treatment in larger developments until the proposed wastewater treatment plant is in use.

*Mr. Bill Warner, who previously owned Warner Engineering, now Nolte Engineering, is Sabrina's mentor and good friend. They work very closely together on all projects. Sabrina also works with Mr. Phillip Fomotor of Fomotor Engineering for all projects in the lower and upper desert. These are an assets that price cannot dictate and will save you time, money and above all, our relationships can service you both in the upper and lower desert regions. A smaller firm can and will service you faster, more efficient and with expedited personalized service than a larger engineering firm or commercial brokerage... take it from my experience.


I try to attend all the Yucca Valley Town Council, Planning Department and Hi-Desert Water District board meetings, averaging 6 meetings per month. If there is a project in another city such as 29 Palms, I will attend those for or with you. (In the future, I will try to attend Yucca Valley & 29 Palms meetings. Some of them conflict in schedule, so I must choose which agenda is of most importance.) I will represent you in all matters and "round up" other like-minded individuals to support your project by speaking at the public podium on record.

These individuals are other business owners, developers and investors who want to support, help and keep property values alive in our town while development benefits the consumers and the town with additional developmental fees and sales tax revenue, thus the citizen receives better services.

Copper Hills Housing Tract An aerial view of the Copper Hills Housing Tract in Southwest Yucca Valley >>>


For the privacy of my clients, please call me regarding current clientele. I work with major corporate developers and high-end investors.